Necessary questions to ask an OEM manufacturing company

You should ask the following to the OEM while you place an order for your own brand products (produk jenama sendiri) to avoid possible issues and surprises.
For how long they have been manufacturing the own-brand products?
A company with zero experience would also be manufacturing quality products with the knowledge they have. However, as a newbie entrepreneur, you would hope for hassle-free production of the products with desired specification and formulation delivered at the right time. You could not be assured that the newbie company would provide you with the right products on time without any issues. If there are some delays, you will be in trouble. Hence, it is advisable to choose an experienced partner who has several years of practice in the same production processes to get everything right. So, you should confirm the company’s experience before placing your order.
What is the best of their production capabilities?
An OEM company could not sustain itself in the market if it makes only a specific type of product and rejects other types. So, all the manufacturers have to know to produce a range of products from different niches. However, this limitation will not restrict the companies to be specialized in a single niche. If your niche coincides with the best capability of the manufacturer, you can get the best out of them without any delays or extra effort. As they would be doing it frequently, they will know how to handle the various issues and challenges during the process. So, your cooperation would be great.
How much should you order?
Whenever you approach an OEM company, you should buy a specific number of products as per the MOQ of the company. Deviation from the decided lot is not possible. So, you should confirm it beforehand.